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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Are you looking to Buy, Sell or License software IPs/codecs?

In 21st century Technology companies are actively looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies. The new business mindset is—‘If there’s a method by which something can be done quicker or cheaper, why not use it? '. This trend initially paved the way for outsourcing as a means to significantly reduce the cost of services.

Today Technology companies are facing major problems to develop their own IP due to

  1. Rapid Technological advancement
  2. Time Constraint

Hence, they are actively looking for Procure various Software IPs; Whereas majority of them are looking for how to promote their IPs? Due to

  • Limited Geographical Market
  • Less visibility in Online Market
  • Lack of proper & credible platform to promote their IPs.

What is Software intellectual property (IP)?

Software Intellectual Properties are ready-to-use software components and source code for various technology applications. A range of reusable components and code are available as SIPs: audio, video, speech & image codecs, wireless technologies, embedded software, reference design, device drivers, RTOS (Real-Time Operating Systems), etc.

Instead of allocating resources to developing such software components in-house, you can actually buy or sell them and then tailor them to an application. Software IP is therefore a time-saving solution.

Who Creates Software Intellectual Properties (Software IP)?

Reusable software components and code are developed by technically qualified individuals or companies. These reusable components and code are the intellectual property of the individual developers, or the company for which they work. They are offered for a price, and companies can purchase the IPs and then adapt them to suit a particular application.

If a technically-qualified developer has already spent time and effort in creating a reusable and customizable software component, it is certainly worth exploring and evaluating. Trading in SIPs is gradually gaining acceptance worldwide as a viable way to achieve operational efficiencies. It is a logical progression in the software industry, where there is a large talent pool of trained individuals constantly experimenting with innovative software components.

Where to Buy/Sell or License Software IPs?

There are lots of Online search Platfrom are available for Software IPs, where opportunities can be explored at portals like (, designandreuse ( or designwin – and their services are available worldwide to businesses, technical experts and software developers. Among these portals, IPsupermarket is a Indian Portal, which allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly for software-related IPs.

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